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Charly Lippoth

Paragon Software
Director Business Development
Munich Area, Germany
File system drivers for local storage. The BOM of #IVI software stacks can quickly turn into a handbrake for innovation. In the end, the customer loses out, as certain functionalities are deemed "nice to have" and end up not making it past the RFQ of automotive OEMs. That's why competition among Tier-2 software suppliers is healthy and the status quo should always be challenged by #IVI product planning managers, #connectedcar project managers and #infotainment procurement managers. Paragon Software has been licensing data storage technology to OEMs/ODMs across all consumer product verticals for over 20 years, and is helping #IVI and cluster Tier-1 suppliers reduce their BOM while raising the bar when it comes to the performance, fail-safety and seamless interoperability of data storage technologies. We're full of ideas and have the know-how and the resources to power the uncompromising data storage, backup and recovery requirements of tomorrow's #connectedcars and #autonomousdriving.